Workshops & Performance Fees

Conjunto Accordion:
Conjunto is an expression of cultural resistance and liberation. We discuss Conjunto music’s diverse roots and it’s establishment in Mexican-American communities through migrant labor routes as well as the concept of place making; creating autonomous spaces through which to celebrate and practice cultural values through music, language and dance.
Performance in Action:
Pulling from 15 years of performance experience, Valdez guides participants through a variety theater exercises in a process that is part Theater of the Oppressed, part Teatro Carpa with the intent providing a foundation for future projects. This multidisciplinary approach allows participants to utilize and showcase their specific performance skills. All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged.

Production Costs
Per Diem
1 Performance (includes post performance discussion): $1,500 not including Expenses (Travel, Lodging, Transportation and Meals)

1 Performance, post discussion and theater/community building workshop: $2,000

2 Performances, discussions and workshops: $2,500 not including Expenses (Travel, Lodging, and Meals)
*Performance Fees are negotiable

Booking Contact
Nicolas R. Valdez